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NYUMA PHARMA® – Italian Company Involved In The Health Market

NYUMA PHARMA® is an Italian company founded by a family of entrepreneurs involved in the healthcare market. its aim has been to develop and sell products, medical devices for the most part, that can be used in some of the market areas of greatest interest, at both national and international level.

NYUMA PHARMA® can boast extensive knowhow in the field of biopolymers for human healthcare and in particular, it has focused on the use of hyaluronic acid, researching it in depth to make it usable in various formulas for different clinical conditions.

It is already present in Italy and on numerous markets inside and outside Europe, with a preparation made with hyaluronic acid, especially developed for intra-articular injection. NYUMA PHARMA experience in this field is a guarantee of absolute safety in pharmaceutical preparation: the hyaluronic acid is synthesised according to advanced biotechnological models using a biofermentation method so as to certify a complete absence of animal protein pollutants and avoiding all risk of reaction (not just local) to the injection. It is sold in pre-filled disposable syringes.

Thanks to its successes and wishing to diffuse its products in other areas, NYUMA PHARMA® has decided to enter a new field of application: Aesthetic medicine, creating a specific, dedicated business line in Italy. A specifically dedicated facility has been created to commercialise Hyamira®.

In terms of technology and production, Hyamira® offers the same safety guarantees put in place by NYUMA PHARMA® for the production of the whole “hyaluronic” line.

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